The Métis (people of mixed Indian and European ancestry) were granted legal recognition as a native group by the Canadian government in 2003. Shop Hotels, see all 208 traveller photos, also show. Health care is provided through comprehensive territorial hospital and medical-services insurance plans. Silver, copper, tungsten, and cadmium are among the metals that have been produced. Mackenzie Lowlands in the west-central portion of the territories, where forests of black and white spruce mixed with deciduous species extend north to the Mackenzie delta. Radio, satellite television, and the Internet have made a wide range of entertainment and educational material available in even the most remote settlements. Some field crops are grown for local use, but most foodstuffs must be imported, greatly increasing their price. Diamonds were first discovered at Lac de Gras, northeast of Great Slave Lake, in 1991, setting off a prospecting boom that led to the discovery of several other commercially significant diamond-bearing properties. Northern Lights, the northern lights are visible nearly 250 days out of the entire year! Constituting about one-tenth of the population, the Inuit (the aboriginal Arctic people of Canada, called Eskimo in the United States) are found mainly in the northern coastal portions of the territories. Public funding supports local programming to help revitalize the linguistic and cultural heritage of the Dene. The administration consists of a commissioner, who is appointed by the federal government, and the Legislative Assembly, whose members are directly elected to four-year terms.

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The executive council is responsible for the overall direction of government policy in the territories and manages the legislative agenda of the territorial administration. Southwest of this line lies the northernmost part of the Canadian boreal forest (taiga extending westward to the mountain ranges that border Yukon. Many species of valuable fur-bearing animals are found in the area, notably muskrat and beaver. Law enforcement is carried out by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The territorial Department of Education, Culture, and Employment provides elementary and secondary schooling, and a number of postsecondary programs and courses are offered by a community college system at several centres throughout the territories. In addition to providing many services and programs throughout the territories, the centre houses the territorial museum and archives.

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There is no system of political parties, and decision making in site de rencontres gratuites pour les femmes sites de rencontre paris the assembly is by consensus (determined by majority vote). (Northwest Territories Facts 2017) 1 2 3, related Articles. In the 19th century there was renewed interest in finding the Northwest Passage. North and east of the timberline stretch the relatively barren grounds of the Arctic: reaches of flat, often poorly drained lowlands underlain by rock more than 1 billion years old in the east and more-varied terrain toward the west. Most aboriginal people now live in towns and small settlements. The creation in 1999 of the territory. Economy The economy of the territories depends on the exploitation of natural resources. All legislation is technically subject to the assent of the commissioner, but the commissioners role is mainly ceremonial. Government and society Constitutional framework Ultimate constitutional responsibility for government in the territories rests with the federal government in Ottawa, but most provincial responsibilities have been delegated to a territorial administration in Yellowknife. Yellowknife is the capital and largest city. Hotels, resorts, beaches, national parks, rest areas, welcome centers, indian reservations, scenic byways, points of interest, tourist attractions and sightseeings in Northwest Territories. Banks and, prince Patrick ; several islands also are divided between the territories and Nunavut, notably. The pace of development slowed in the 1970s, in part because of growing opposition on the part of aboriginal groups to commercial exploitation of resources in the area. While it lasts, however, wildflowers and grasses flourish, and root and cereal crops can be cultivated. Mackenzie Mountains in the west and southwest contain the highest and most-rugged relief in the territories; elevations reach 9,098 feet (2,773 metres) at an unnamed peak in the southwest near Mount Sir James MacBrien, itself 9,062 feet (2,762 metres) high. They are distinct from the Dene in language and culture and generally live apart from them. Surface transportation for heavy freight is mainly by water. The remaining part of the mainland, the North-Western Territory, was under nominal British rule until 1870, at which time both it and Ruperts Land were ceded to Canada. Tree growth becomes sparse and stunted and eventually disappears, to be replaced by the light but tough vegetation of the Arctic tundra. The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife is dedicated to preserving the culture and heritage of the people of the territories. Petroleum fuels for use in the territories are obtained from refineries located at the Norman Wells and Pointed Mountain fields. In the southern Mackenzie area the Canol pipeline, linking the oil field at Norman Wells to a refinery at Whitehorse in Yukon, and construction of several large airfields in the eastern Arctic did much to open the Canadian North to further exploration and development. Bird life is plentiful in summer, with some species, notably ptarmigans and ravens, remaining all winter. Zoom in to see updated info. The Mackenzie delta and Beaufort Sea areas also have substantial oil and gas reserves. Canada, encompassing a vast area of forests and tundra. Because royalties and other revenues from natural resource use in the territories are collected by the federal government, the territorial administration relies on funds transferred to it from the federal authority for most of its revenues. Government assistance in the development of major resources has been provided mainly in the form of roads, electric power facilities, mapping, and geologic services. In 1789 Alexander Mackenzie of the North West Company traveled down the river that bears his name to reach the Arctic Ocean.