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didnt sort of, exactly happen. He was also given a tour of the heritage CMT forest, now threatened by Weyerhaeuser, where we have built a. I estimated that the equipment would cost about 5000 and it would be extremely valuable for our security, and for the security of future direct-action efforts. Part of our ongoing defense infrastructure work has been to continue randomly expanding out our spiders-web of traverses throughout the threatened forest. There are also a number of larger cedars which were in the process of burn-felling and are still standing with the burn-cavities clearly visible. That was 6 weeks ago, and still no decision. There are literally hundreds of bark-peeled CMTs, some of which have strip-catfaces more than 100 ft long, and every one has been peeled on the uphill side of the tree. 13, theshoretofino the Shore Tofino,.C. Two years ago we fought and won this same tired, old parking lot scheme. This is not a situation where writing another letter or negotiating with your favourite logging company will help. These are the abundantly discredited options which have resulted in the Tree-sitting blockade which is now nearing 2 years of 24/7 occupation. The RDN board passed a motion calling for community involvement in any consideration of the location of the parking lots. Everyone who is concerned about Cathedral Grove has been demanding a fair and open public discussion and process to resolve this serious issue. British Columbians recognize, after 4 years of the Gordon Campbell corporate assault on our forests, that the polite collaborative-compromise approach taken by BCs professional engo institutions just has not produced acceptable results in protecting our dwindling primeval forests. Just today I took a busload of students from the University of Western Washington through the CMT forest. Gordon Campbell has tried to take credit for.5 hectare addition to the Grove recently, even though this deal was already negotiated and finalized by the previous governemment. CMT stumps can be found in Weyerhaeuser clearcuts right to the park boundary. Here below, a Greenpeace activist, using the very equipment we require here in BC, writes from the roof of a New Zealand power-plant, where they have been camped out for the past two weeks protesting the pollution.

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33 Viciousfishcharters vicious fish charters: serious fishing on the beautiful west coast of vancouver island, bc vicious fish charters. Please carefully consider this solution to the current parking lot debacle. Located in rivers inlet british columbia canada, just 300 miles north of vancouver. From the media platform, I led the rope on up the tree, spur climbing another 50 feet to set the block and tackle to haul up 2 4X8 platforms to the 130ft. Both the provincial, and regional governments should remember the commitment they gave when the application was made to the UN to get this designation. Our 8-in-total platforms are very luxurious, -weve got 3 platforms in one giant fir, complete with kitchen, tent and shower even. I expect that an instant Police response would be expected for a 911 call reporting a hammer-attack at any private residence. We are now working on installing platforms in a massive Douglas Fir which is prominently visible from the road. The judge has said that she would decide in weeks, not months as to whether the injunction would be issued. (NB We always refer to the park as Cathedral Grove and do not recognize the name of BCs most voracious destroyer of forest after which the park has been hypocritically re-named).


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